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Outdoor SPA

Outdoor SPA
Product Detailed
1) Seating Capacity: 6 adults 2) Dimension(mm): 2180X2180X1020 3) Water Capacity: 1500L 4) Weight: 360Kg

Integrative massage bathtub  features:1) Seating Capacity: 6 adults2) Dimension(mm): 2180X2180X10203) Water Capacity: 1500L4) Weight: 360Kg5) Shell: imported acrylic6) Shell color: marble white/blue/black7) Nozzles: 6 dense outlet nozzlesa) 1 punchy spondyle massage nozzlesb) 2 whirly massage nozzlesc) 1 seven-hole nozzled) 2 nozzles can be adjust directione) 1 punchy volar massage nozzles 8) Digital controller: smart integrative digital controller: can control: all theelectrical parts, can control the working time and water temperature9) Light: 1pc 30W LED high light, 7 color wall lamp, 2pcs 3W LED seven color fountain light10) Spa heater: 3kW11) Flotation: 2 cartridge filters12) Water pump: 1pc 150W circulation pump, 1pc 2.0HP massage pump13) Air pump: 120W14) External material: yate, cedar ore white pine timber15) Sterilize: ozone one set; water disposal system: active carbon, argentumshydronium, etc.16) Voltage: 230V / 110V17) Phase: 1/318) Heat preservation: isolation foam around and bottom19) Cover: leatheroid with isolation foam21) Bubble device22) Add speaker under water23) Stainless steal bracket24) ORP/PH digital controller: 1 set

Main Characteristics of Hot Tubs

1.       Jet system

Jets systems with different functions are installed in every ergonomic hot tub. With powerful massage pumps, these jets system can bring you the best experience of massage and efficiently reduce any accumulated fatigue in your muscle.

1)        Back-scanning Jet system

2)        Seven-hole jet system

3)        Rotational jet system

4)        Intensive-directional jet system

5)        Precise jet system

6)        Dense small jet system

7)        Bubble jet system

8)        Essential oil

9)        You can choose two different jets

2.       Exceptional lighting system

We use high-intensity LED lights in our hot tubs. These LED lights are brighter than normal lights but more energy efficient. You could pick up one color to suit your mood or cycle through all colors, it is just your choice! The hot tubs are equipped with 30w main light, sparkling water-level light, colorful fountain and waterfall light as well. Combining with our outstanding music and video system, these colorful lights will give your exceptional experience.

3.       TV and music system. 

According to your requirement, our hot tubs can be equipped with 15~17 inch TV with waterproof remote control to realize TV and DVD function, and also can be equipped with audio system to work with the TV or let you listen to your favorite radio channel. Both TV an speakers can be automatically lifted up or folded in by pressing one button. You will find that your hot tub is your favorite place after working.

4.       Heater and filtration system

They are the heart of the whole hot tub system which must work for a long time and can resist high temperature and corrosion of water and chemicals. Therefore the quality of these two systems are crucial for hot tubs to operate safely and reliably, and important for efficient filtering and energy efficiency as well.

Heater is the most vulnerable part of the hot tub systems. We construct the heating elements with special stainless steel and coated with Teflon so that they are resistive to corrosion and ion agglomeration. With the exclusive intelligent heating-by-section function (balance the work load), the heater is high efficiency, energy saving and durable.

The filtration system is a combination of nonwoven fiber filter, silver ion activated carbon, medical stone and ozone system (generator, atomizer and mixer), to give you totally pure, clean water for your spa.

5.       Advanced and reliable control system

With ten year nonstop research and development, Keya brings you an easy and reliable operating, high quality control system.

The control system consists of two parts: the control panel and circuit box. User can switch between different operating mode through the control panel, such as; commerce mode (COMMERCE), family mode (FAMILY), sleep mode (SLEEP), and pause mode (PAUSE). The control panel also offers a visible way to examine the status of the hot tub. By pressing the corresponding buttons, user can set the temperature (in both and ) and time (including the starting and stop time of the heat preserving function in FAMILY mode); start massage pumps and air pump; turn on and off the light or cycle through colors. The hot tub system will operate differently according to different setting. Specifically when the heating preserving function of Family mode is off or under SLEEP mode, the hot tub will run with low temperature to save energy.

The force electricity and weak electricity are separated inside the circuit box and electronic sensors are used instead of conventional mechanical water flow sensor and water level sensor. Therefore, all these designs guarantee a stable and reliable system.

The control systems adopted by the hot tubs have self-diagnose function and double-protection. All diagnose information will be displayed on the LCD panel to remind the user for safety or trouble-shooting.

The independent over-heat protection system will cut off power when unsafe temperature has been detected. For cold countries, an independent anti-freeze protection system can be installed which can activate the heater to avoid any damage caused by frozen.

6.       Spa shell

We use high-quality LUCITE acryl as the hot tub shell to provide great resistance to temperature, abrasion and UV.

With the benefit of great stretch ability of the LUCITE acryl, we are honored to present you the aesthetic, streamlining and comfortable Spa shell which is exclusive to our company.  

7.       Spa cabinet

We offer customer with two kinds of material for your Spa cabinet:

a)       Natural wood: you can choose from various natural woods which give you the natural warmth and represent your nobleness.

b)      Rigid polymers cabinet is durable and easy for maintenance. 

8.       Cover

We choose the high quality leatherette which is qualified for the ASTM Ultra-Violet 2000 exposure test for your hot tubs cover. The 4 inches filling foam inside whose density is 25KG/CBM, is reinforced by metal frame and sealed by plastics. All these factors make the cover to be able to offer extra protection for your hot tub.

Outdoor SPA

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